Love[&] War... Military Post

"We stay on the front lines
Yeah but we're still here after the bomb drops "
So I am obseeeesssed with Tamar Braxton's Love and War song. Fortunately I am not in a war type situation but I love this song. I heard her second release and it was a remake I am not really feeling. Oh well.
This outfit I actually wore this outfit in Nov. I reconnected with a guy and we went to the movies. I believe it was Argo. I am sure its on dvd now but its still a must see!!! I wasn't a huge fan of military camo at first debut 2 years ago but it grew on me.I don't know I just kept thinking of Destiny's Child Survivor ,You know when everyone wore blue ,red, pink and standard etc Camo print in all different designs. lololol  

Anywho , I love this shirt (Which is actually from the guy I met with. Stole it! He's never getting it back). The Lincoln shirt is actually from the Lincoln Restaurant( Remember from this Post) . Coincidentally, I didn't plan this I promise, was from the 1st date with the reconnected friend. HAHA. But something about a graphic tee with camo just works for me. I layered a few chains together on my neck and put spikes in my arm party to add some "Toughness" . Overall it was a great stylish night. If you have any Camo Print post link them in the comments.

 Lincoln Shirt- Lincoln restaurant DC
Leggings- Basic Target I think
Steve Madden Boots- AKC blogshop
Kennth Cole -Watch
Necklace- F21 and Thrifted

I'm  Back Guys !!!

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