Take Care of me Baby [Panama]

 Baby, even if we lost everything, I'd be right there
It's crazy when you know you've got everything sitting right there
Crazy thing about it - they the ones confused
Paying us all this attention when I know they could use
At least a couple more dollars - meanwhile, I'm cool
These diamonds keep me cool
They just mad cause you always
Take care of me baby....

I love this Cassie Mixtape yall  Know I love Cassies mixtape. Nothing like a man who takes care of you right? Not just Financially but Emotionally , mentally and well... you know the rest. I love this song. I will say it is in my top Three songs off the mixtape.

 So as most of you know, I am going to on a vacation outside the country to Panama Saturday. I am very excited. I am also know very blessed and fortunate to be able to afford this trip. I have to say that a few years ago this would have just been a dream.

Anywho, My Father is from Panama and I am excited to see were he is from. I also am excited to lay by the pool at this resort and go to the beach. Nothing like Foreign Sands ^_^. The Hotel I am staying at looks amazing.  It is called the Riu Plaza Panama. It is a 4 star Hotel with all the perks. You know I am all for a Boutique style Hotel Though this is bigger the decor looks great!!!
I have posted a few pics below.

I will be bringing my Nikon so I will be sure to take a bunch of pictures as well as have a bunch of post.lol.
Follow me on twitter I will have wifi and will bombard my twitter with a bunch of pictures!!!!
 I have been out the country a few times but I am on a quest to visit a few more places before I have a child/ family. I love my travel agent  PTunlimited Ms Elfreda hooked me up for this one and now I see how attainable other Vacays will be.  I'm getting older and around the settle down age so I want to enjoy. This is just a mini post but I PROMISE that the aftermath trip post will be great.

This is offically the Soundtrack to my Vacation... All I am missing is my boo. But the Vibe here On POINT!!!! Take a Listen and  Download it. 

The Mixtape is by The NY Giant

 What trips have you been on recently?

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  1. Ahhh wish I could fit in your suitcase :) Can't wait to hear all about it & see tons of pictures!!

  2. Hey Morgan, are u on Instagram?

  3. Dayofmajor I just started it! : )


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